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Features ETA
Swipe Images from web page DONE
Swipe Youtube Shorts DONE
Instagram Reel DONE
Pocket Import DONE
Swipe Quora and Linkedin Posts DONE
Android App for SwipeNote. Download: HERE DONE
Swipe Reddit, Pinterest, and ETSY 1-2 months
Adding a default Tag as "uncategorized" 1-2 months
Interactive Live chat 1-2 months
List view for Cards 1-2 months
Image Markup Editor with compression 1-2 months
Folder copy to workspace/bulk card copy to workspace 2 + months
Turn off extension button (Overall OR Specific Website) 2 + months
Evernote Import 2 + months
Create a Team by grouping members 2 + months
Integration with Zapier & Notion 2-3 months
Short Cut keys for advanced users 2-3 months
Add a Calender and work timeline on workspace 2-3 months
Save Things by Email 3+ months
Add a Calender and work timeline on workspace 3+ months
Extension for Firefox 3+ months
Extension for Safari 3+ months
Save the Whole Page 3+ months

Not Scheduled Yet

Features ETA
iOS App for SwipeNote -NA-
Extension for Mozilla Firefox -NA-
iBook highlights from Mac -NA-

Save your favorite things from the internet in one Place.

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